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Organizations and Markets We Work With


During the past 20 years we have worked with world leading organizations in the metal engineering, heavy machinery, glass manufacturing, railcar and automotive supplies, industrial chemicals, financial services and energy asset management as well as in media/data and travel industries.


Transform 2 Succeed is a global network of industry veterans and technology experts managed by Alexandra Baleta who has started her own career in the booming tech industry in Silicon Valley in the late 90s, who lived and worked across the US and Europe to deliver on M&A deals, digital transformation initiatives and strategic consulting assignments.


Her hands-on business and technology background and unbiased view of industry challenges and opportunities is invaluable for customers, and so is the powerful network of experts in financial services, defense, life sciences, or public sector that she has worked with and built trusted customer relationships with. 


Due to data protection compliance and confidentiality reasons, we do not disclose our customers nor projects unless we are given explicit consent to do so. Reference calls can be arranged under NDA and customer consent if required. Please contact us.


Academic Background and Certifications

(the full list of certifications can be provided upon request) 


Studies in Applied Business Science, majors in International Marketing and Organizational Development

Semesters abroad: ESSCA, Angers, France

MBA and PHD in International Management at International University of America, San Francisco, CA, USA


MIT Executive Certificate in Technology and Leadership

Sloan Executive Management Programs: Revitalizing Your Digital Business Model, Building Digital Platforms, Artificial Intelligence

Columbia Business School - CIO Institute in Technology and Leadership



CQ/OE - Certified Quality and Operational Excellence Manager


Certified Quality Expert in the Rail Industry according to IRIS


Certified Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner


Certified Data Protection Officer

Certified GDPR Foundation and Practitioner

Passionate About Integrity and Partnerships

'It takes half a lifetime to learn about what matters most in business even though only a few would admit that. Early on in your career, you are anxious to do the best in the fastest way possible and climb up the ladder at any price. Later on when things are slowing down (and they typically do), success hinges on so many other factors that you probably discounted early on. Relationships are key and working with and for people that inspire and challenge you will allow you to build the right network. Competence and persistence are essential for your own progress as well as for those who you want to take along on the journey. Candor and honesty are not negotiable if you want to be an inspirational and trusted leader.

When working with customers, integrity and above values are what makes us successful in driving challenging and complex assignments. We don't want to be consultants, we want to be partners for a lifetime.'

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