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The Future Of Utilities Is Driven By Digitization

At the Future of Utilities Summit in London recently, I discussed with Nicolas Robin, Head of Energy & Utilities Center of Excellence, Intel, and the event chair how digitization impacts the industry and more specifically grid operations and critical infrastructure.

If current technology is adopted and applied at scale, we could turn a fairly conservative, labour and asset-heavy industry into a modern ecosystem,

… where strictly hierarchical architectures based on the Purdue Model are turned into a connected, horizontal and tightly integrated world of IT and OT structures,

… where cloud and edge compute are building the basis for data-driven organizations and services

… where virtualization eliminates hardware footprint and breaks down siloes while enabling real-time insight across the value chain

… where AI/ML tools are leveraged to operate smarter, more proactively and predictive, more cost efficient and agile to not only optimize demand and supply management, but also better and more timely inform the end consumer

… where traditional energy sources and generation meets sustainability and renewables sourcing and distribution all the way to drive new markets and business models such as shared and EV mobility


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