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  • alexandrabaleta

Implementing GenAI - is it really about the 'How", or more about the 'Why'?

No doubt, we are clearly at the peak of the hype cycle for GenAI and many companies are riding that wave right now. With many of those technologies in hype phase, we see the buzzword highlighted on the board agenda, we see senior leadership demanding fast(er) adoption top down, in a belief that tremendous opportunity outweighs the operational or financial risks (and in many cases neglecting IP, data protection and compliance risks of GenAI aside). Execs eager to implement generative AI, but few know how

Hype in the market often causes a blurred vision ;-), and while I agree that there is considerable opportunity in GenAI (if applied for the right reasons and in a suitable environment), I wonder if organizations who are keen to move fast and at scale with GenAI actually know which problem they are trying to solve, which innovative product or service they are going to put in place and how that is likely to change their business? 

As a few recent articles have evidenced, organizations typically can't provide a detailed answer to the 'Why' (if any at all). 

Way too many executives are keen to move fast because they see GenAI as a competitive advantage or a 'Must-Have' to remain in leading position in their peer group, but only a few have actually done comprehensive homework to determine what exactly the opportunity (or -ties) are that GenAI could help leverage, whether adequate data is available, how IP will be protected, how processes, people and underlying technology footprint will be impacted or will need to be prepared for adoption at scale, and how customers will benefit from it all - ultimately translating in increased profits or higher profit margin due to lower cost base). 

Keen to hear your opinion... have you been part of GenAI discussions in your organization and has such diligence taken place at all? 


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