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GenAI and all its amazing features! LLMs are powerful (in many ways)....

Updated: Feb 1

If you think the CIO, CTO and CSO have it all covered, think twice and please read through this article which provides excellent examples of where Large Language Models (those LLMs everyone talks about these days ;-)) can be a considerable threat to your organization, your employees or customers, regardless of their power in automating or optimizing processes or services. 

IT and Security Leadership often find themselves in a defensive situation where they need to explain and prove why increased budgets are needed to build new infrastructure or replace existing one to ensure scalable platforms and comprehensive application, data and infrastructure security across complex and hybrid global estates. Matter of fact however is that most of them are trying to catch up with business leaders ploughing ahead at 200mph, ambitious and keen to adopt GenAI as quickly as possible to outperform the competition when actually many of them have not worked through holistic business cases, assessed benefits, cost and risk of their initiatives. 

As business leaders and as technology is becoming a critical piece of the growth engine in our organizations, we should all be much more aware of and informed about the wider aspects of technology impact and - especially in a hype phase - listen, assess, learn and act based on challenges, pitfalls and best practices in the market

The article explains the power and key threats of LLMs in a simple (non-techie) language, therefore easily digestible and in my opinion really useful reading for everyone embarking on GenAI initiatives. ... So that you can enjoy your AI journey, leverage its benefits and still be safe and secure :-). 


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