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Build For Hybrid & Agility

Great article by discussing the dilemma of CIO's regarding their cloud strategies and choices of workload placements in the cloud. 

I actually would have thought that many if not most CIOs are already thinking about or have embarked on building or rearchitecting for flexibility given the complex nature of business requirements and the growing set of app and AI tools from different cloud providers. 

With many choices in terms of AI and Dev made in the business (and IT often not involved until the last minute), is it even an option to not architect for a multi-cloud, hybrid environment, 

- where workloads can be placed as flexibly as possible between edge to cloud (depending on latency requirements, IP protection requirements, sustainability aspects, etc), 

- where local, legal and regulatory requirements can be best met across a global footprint or demands of a regulated / protected industry can be adhered to, 

- where acquisitions and divestitures (with likely different IT environments) can easily be integrated or carved out, 

- where the business can be given the choice without losing control, therefore lowering the IT, security, operational and financial risks? 

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