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The digital era is challenging for most organizations, especially where net zero targets, new and complex regulatory requirements and disruptive technologies such as GenAI, transform entire industries. 


To remain in a leading position, organizations have to change, and many of them are or have been undergoing significant, large scale transformations from a strategic and operational perspective, turning into more agile, innovative and also resilient companies that can deliver towards new customer needs, attract new talent and increase shareholder value.  


For more than 20 years now, myself and a selected group of senior industry and technology experts have been a preferred partner when it comes to addressing such transformational challenges, speed and quality of execution, organizational change and right choice of technology.


We work with our customers from planning to delivery of transformational initiatives, from diligence to post merger integration, from multi-cloud to on-prem and edge. We know organizations require flexibility and it is important to us to provide the best possible advice and support based on short and long-term needs, ad-hoc for strategic planning and management workshops, or longer-term to guide and lead through global, complex digital transformation programmes.   


Because we are all industry veterans with many years of leadership and operational expertise and insights, we understand the scale and complexity of change and can help drive sustainable growth and success based on the amazing opportunities that industry transformations and new market dynamics offer to very organization. 

Transact. Transform. Innovate. Communicate.

Drive & Sustain




Based on our own industry background, we realize that organizations need different levels and types of support and advice, depending on where you, your business unit or team is from a maturity perspective, level of operational excellence and digitization or transformational initiative. In any case, though, you would want trusted and unbiased advice and a pragmatic approach to help you accelerate your journey and deliver results and value faster.


Our group of experts provide you with the following services based on their extensive background and industry insights:

  • M&A expertise to prepare and deliver on divestitures, acquisitions and mergers, ensuring value delivery at every step of the way - from due diligence to Day 0 and post merger integration,

  • Global Programme Leadership to deliver process and organizational change (e.g. at plant or field operation level, across the supply chain or back office,  

  • Senior Technology Consulting for architectural guidance around delivering value across cloud, edge and modern apps,

  • Strategic Advisory or Board Membership to help frame and structure change initiatives through Design Thinking, Lego Serious Play and other techniques, or ensure a holistic, unbiased voice at the leadership table related to industry trends and technology adoption, innovation and sustainability / net zero strategy.

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